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About Serious Joint

Rxgreenthumb, Home of Serious Joint The Avatar helping to end homelessness


Serious Joint is a collaboration of Engineers, Scientists, Social Workers and Emmy Award Winning Artists from Rick & Morty, Rugrats, King of the Hill, Sponge Bob, and The Simpsons, just to name a few Proceeds from the sale of these NFT Avatars are used to help real people get off the street and back on their feet. Come join us and see what it's all about.

Every time you buy or sell a Serious Joint, you are helping to get another person a secure base, a house, a home. Please join us. You'll enjoy collecting Serious Joints and his friends. 


FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Serious Joints

Serious Joints are a new breed of NFT Collectables that have charity built into their codebase. Built by a dedicated team of professionals, the Serious Joints project has exploded into the hottest NFT project going and for good reasons.

  • They Give Back

Profits from the sale of the NFTs are used to combat the ever growing homelessness situation in this country, and indeed, around the world.

Serious Joint has quickly evolved into a charitable monster, and a marketing tool geared at reaching and exploiting the exploding crypto phenomenon. Our Donate component was just not keeping up with our needs and we had to find a better way. What better way than to offer NFTs that have their residual payments fed back into a 501c Charity designed to get people off the streets and into affordable housing.

Our NFTs are now being designed by celebrities who are lending their Names, Artwork and Simple Celebrity Status to the cause. They are able to distribute to their fan base, who are ready to support their favorite celebrity in helping to fight homelessness and poverty.

Our roots are deep, Rxgreenthumb has been contributing to the over all community by providing it's core product of CBD oil extracts for epilepsy patients and as supplements to cancer patients. We understand we can't do it alone, but with your help, we can make a dent in this massive problem we all face.

Donating thousands of dollars of products for free to cancer patients and epilepsy sufferers is how we got started, with the recent pandemic and now these foreclosures, we can not sit by and not do something, so we are and we hope you'll join us.

Serious Joints are the first of their kind in a new genre of dynamic avatar projects where the artwork can change based on many variables. Sneaky customizations by the original artist, are not out of the question, as well as enhancements, fixes, and collaborations that change the look but keep the tokens intact.

Our basic design structure is to make more and more complicated avatars all while making less and less of them until we have several very rare NFTs that will be desired for years to come and grow in value.

Where do I buy Serious Joints?

Serious Joints are sold in collections available on the NFT platform. Once purchased from OpenSea, the new owner has every right, and we encourage them to do so, to post them on the secondary market, often for much more than they are initially paid for. We encourage this because each NFT has a residual 10% built in to the secondary sale so your secondary price is actually your sale price less 10% residual to Rxgreenthumb for the 'Serious Joint Project', and also 2.5% to the platform.

How much is donated?

25% of our mint profits and 75% of our secondary royalties are donated to the 'Helping Me Heal' foundation, a 501c.

  • NOTE: Some fees such as gas fees are variable and hard to determine for each NFT sale, on average the amount of secondary sale should average 75% after fees to OpenSea and also gas fees are paid.

What about the rest of the profits?

During pre-sale each team member will receive 15% of minting profits sent directly to their wallets. By the time we mint out the USD value of each team-member's take will be around $85,000 USD. The team has collectively spent on Rarity Tools, our Social Media team, fees related to our smart contract, air dropping, and other infrastructural expenses. We have spent zero dollars or ETH on paid promotion of any kind and have no plans of doing so.

Does the team work full time on Serious Joint?

Some team members are now working full time developing backgrounds, accessories and bundles, as well as planning for future characters and rarities. Animated GIFs are certainly part of the project as well as surprise celebrity releases. We have several projects coming out that will support Serious Joints' value as well as provide operational expenses for the team to allow us to commit fully to the project.

Currently, each team member is committing about 2/3 of their bandwidth to this project and each member is also actively involved in other projects.


How does Rxgreenthumb create and sell NFTs?

Rxgreenthumb utilizes the leading NFT Platform to mint its' NFTs. OpenSea supports NFT trading across multiple blockchains. This guide explains how we use the Polygon marketplace to create and sell NFTs without paying any gas fees.

That's right - no gas fees or ETH are needed!


Can I still use the Donate Module?

Yes, we'll be keeping the Donate Campaign Component as it is. This will allow us to facilitate and help you market your own campaigns to raise monies and at least awareness. That's what our social portion of the website is for, to exchange ideas and to raise awareness.

It's our version of a Social Platform but with one key difference, we didn't use algorithms, instead we gave you the user filters. You decide what you want to see, what groups you want to follow etc.


What is a Avatar Project?

The Serious Joint Avatar project was developed by programmers and artists and we believe in pushing envelopes and exploiting technology to its creative limits. With Serious Joints, we've calculated how many to make of which ones and also have multiple surprises and enhancements you'll love to explore. Our bundles will be associated with our social groups and owners of the NFT will have a sociall wall to display their own avatars as well as any other NFT they may have in their wallet regardless of the platform it is being traded on.

Serious Joints will be released in bundles with press releases and announcements in advance. All information about the NFTs will be as transparent as possible so as to maintain authentication and value.

Serious Joints is already preparing our next project and it will entail intake forms for users to request specific and custom Avatar creation as well as bundling.

Stick around folks, we're just getting started.

We will NEVER devalue your joints directly or indirectly or take anything away from them (unless you specifically request).


Collaborations are a new genre of collaborative media we are pioneering with Serious Joints. When we started the project we intended to "roll" only ten thousand joints. Midway through our mint we decided to align ourselves with a handful of artists to do collaborative imaginings of our joints and added a complete array of accessories with which our artists will be making future custom works.

We vary the quantity minted to vary the value. Our basic philosophy is the more accessories you add, the fewer you mint, therefore, the most common joints with simply be a color and or a background color, will have 100 each of them minted, as we add accessories, we'll decrease the numbers on a sliding scale based on how many accessories are added to an individual joint. We will always mint at least 10 Joints, so we can share with friends. We don't want to Bogart.

Our Social Pages are also design to help you find the right combination you may be looking for and we guarantee you'll want to know what bundle will be released next and what will be included.

How Many do we plan on rolling?

We haven't run the entire numbers out yet based on us still adding accessories but at some point we will have a calculated amount available, based on all the variables we have built in.

We believe you'll have a great time collecting and trading these for years to come and their value will only increase. After all, you're helping humanity and it's art, and we all know art never goes down in value. We also like to buy from live artists, the dead ones don't need the money. ;)